New Lighting for Spring

kitchen lighting

Spring is a great time to remodel your home or office. And a remodel can be anything from a fresh coat of paint to complete demolition and rebuild. Let's look at some simple things you can do with lighting.

Types of lighting:

  • Ambient or general lighting is your main source of light. It is usually from your ceiling and casts brighter, even light around the room or area.
  • Chandeliers - tall ceilings, height, in foyers, over large tables
  • Pendants - versatile, hang directly over spaces, changeable shades add to uses
  • Recessed - ceiling or floor, wall washing effect, illuminate items
  • Track - cover a lot of space, bedroom, den, kitchen, living room
  • Ceiling - flush or semi-flush, work almost anywhere, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces