Electrical Hazard

CurrentSAFE® utilizes a revolutionary method of testing electrical problems within your home.


A few of our proven testing devices include:

  • Infrared Thermographic Imager
  • Ultrasonic Sound Detector
  • Circuit Analyzer
  • Ground Resistance Tester
  • True RMS Voltage and Current Meters
  • Circuit Tracer
Below is a video from Kevin Dickey. He takes a moment to explain the tools used. Furthermore, Kevin has spent his life helping homeowners understand the risk associated with electrical hazards. Especially important, Kevin is a professional electrician.


Take advantage of ARC Electric Company and CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection test to discover any electrical hazards in your home before an emergency! In fact, they offer a FREE walk-through assessment to help you understand your electrical system. Therefore, call today to schedule a FREE in-home assessment to learn more! Stop living with electrical hazards!

Certified Infrared Thermographers – The electrician attended the Infrared Training Center program to receive a Level 1 Infrared Thermographic Imaging certification. This includes classroom and on-site inspections.

Ultrasonic Sound Detection Qualified – The electrician attended rigorous classroom training for Ultrasonic Sound Detection. In fact, this requires hours of actual on-site experience. The electrician use this tool to professionally identify your electrical problems.

Because they offer an Electrical Hazard Detection service, they use many testing tools to identify electrical problems. For example, some of the testing equipment includes Ground Resistance Testers, Circuit Tracers, Circuit Analyzers and True RMS Voltage Testers.