Fire Safety Simplified

The most significant fire safety innovation since the smoke alarm. Electrical malfunction remains one of the leading causes of residential fires and a leading cause of residential fire deaths, injuries and dollar loss.

Knowing is way better than not knowing. ARC Electric Company can help you know.

Imagine if you could see more and know earlier about hidden electrical fire hazards in your home. With a single plug-in DIY sensor and smartphone app, Ting pinpoints and identifies the unique signals that occur with tiny electrical arcs - the precursors to imminent fire risks - across your entire home. These signals are incredibly small but are clearly visible thanks to Ting's advanced detection technology.

Elevate your peace of mind.

A preventable electrical fire impacts a home every 10 minutes


One tiny smart sensor sees what we can't, whether hidden within walls, above ceilings, or in devices.


Ting quietly watches over your entire home and detects hazards that lead to the most devastating fires.


You’re promptly notified when a hazard is detected with live outreach by the Ting Service Team.


Hazard repair is all part of the service; you’re covered for up to $1,000 of the cost.