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Premier Electrician Services in North & South Carolina
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A certified electrician from Arc Electric Company wearing a neon vest performing electrical panel work.

ARC Electric Company: Leaders in NC Electrical Services

In the ever-evolving world of electrical services, standing out requires more than just technical skill. It demands an unwavering commitment to excellence, a forward-thinking approach to technology, and a deep-rooted history of trusted service.

At ARC Electric Company, we embody these principles, setting ourselves apart as the premier provider of electrical services in North Carolina. Serving the Charlotte region since 1976, our legacy is built on a foundation of accountability, reliability, and certified expertise.

Let’s explore what makes ARC Electric Company the first choice for those in need of certified electricians in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

A Legacy of Trusted Service in the Electrical Industry

For over four decades, ARC Electric Company has been lighting up the Charlotte community with high-quality electrical services. From our humble beginnings in 1976 to becoming a leader in the industry, our journey is a testament to our dedication to service and excellence.

Our team of certified electricians in Charlotte, NC, has continuously provided residential and commercial customers with unparalleled service, making us a household name in electrical solutions.

Comprehensive Electrical Solutions in North Carolina

ARC Electric Company offers a wide array of electrical services tailored to meet the modern needs of North Carolina residents and businesses. From lighting automation to surge protection, electrical panel upgrades to electrification—we do it all.

In today’s green and tech-driven world, the demand for Home EV Chargers in North Carolina is rising. ARC Electric is at the forefront of this technology, providing state-of-the-art installations that cater to the eco-conscious homeowner.

We recognize the importance of reliability and peace of mind, which is why we are leaders in installing home generators in North Carolina. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are never left in the dark.

Welcoming A Green Future with Qmerit

Embracing the future of electricity, ARC Electric Company has partnered with Qmerit, a leading name in home electrification. This partnership reflects our commitment to innovative, green solutions, making us pioneers in the field.

Through Qmerit, we bring our customers advanced, energy-efficient technologies that not only enhance comfort and convenience but also contribute to a sustainable future. This collaboration underscores our dedication to staying at the cutting edge of technology and environmental stewardship.

The Importance of Electrical Inspections for Homeowners

Understanding the critical role of electrical safety, ARC Electric Company emphasizes the significance of routine electrical inspections. These inspections are vital for preventing future issues and protecting the safety of your wiring, outlets, and electrical panels.

We recommend these inspections before purchasing a new home, after significant renovations, or before undertaking a new installation project. Our commitment to safety and prevention positions us as a trusted provider of electrical services in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arc Electric Company

What electrical services do you offer?

ARC Electric Company specializes in a wide range of electrical services, including residential and commercial electrical work. Our services include:

How often should I have an electrical inspection in my home?

We recommend scheduling an electrical inspection at least once every five years to ensure your system is safe and efficient. Inspections are particularly important before purchasing a new home, following significant renovations, or when your home reaches 40+ years old.

Do you offer emergency electrical services?

Yes, we understand that electrical issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services to address your needs promptly and efficiently. Our phones are always answered by a real person, so you can rest assured that help is only a phone call away.

Why ARC Electric Stands Out in the Industry

There are several key reasons that make ARC Electric Company the optimal choice for electrical services in North Carolina:

  • Experienced and Certified Electricians: Our team is made up of accountable, reliable, and certified professionals dedicated to providing expert service.
  • Customer Service Excellence: We offer 24/7 customer support for electrical emergencies. Help is always just a phone call away.
  • Technological Advancement: Our partnership with Qmerit highlights our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies for greener, more efficient electrical solutions.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering: From EV chargers to home generators and safety inspections, our range of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our Values and Customer Commitment

At the heart of ARC Electric Company’s operations are our core values: accountability, reliability, and a commitment to excellence. These values are reflected in every project we undertake, regardless of size or complexity.

Our efforts have earned us recognition from customers and institutions alike, including accolades from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. We’re more than electricians; we are partners in ensuring your safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Join Our Satisfied Customer Base

Our dedication to quality service has garnered positive feedback from countless satisfied customers. Their testimonials and reviews highlight our responsiveness, professionalism, and the high standard of our work. Choosing ARC Electric means joining a community of homeowners and businesses that trust us to deliver excellence every time.

A Brighter, Safer, and More Sustainable Future

ARC Electric Company is more than just an electrical contractor; we are a team committed to excellence, safety, and technological innovation. Our history, values, and dedication to providing high-quality services set us apart in the industry.

Whether you’re in need of Home EV Chargers in North Carolina, looking to install home generators, or seeking comprehensive electrical inspections, ARC Electric Company is your trusted partner.

As we continue to light up homes and businesses across North Carolina, we invite you to experience the ARC Electric difference. Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise—it’s a guarantee. Choose ARC Electric Company and join us in a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future.

For those in Charlotte and the surrounding areas seeking certified electricians, look no further than ARC Electric Company. Contact us today to schedule a service and discover why we are the preferred choice for electrical services in North Carolina.

Electrical Experts – Arc Electric Company in Charlotte, NC

With over 40 years of experience, the team at Arc Electric Company has the skills and expertise to tackle any electrical job. Whether you need an electrical inspection, rewiring, EV charger installation, or anything else—we’re only a phone call away. Contact us at (705) 413-2192 today to find out more.