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Reliable Backup Power Solutions

Benefit From A Whole Home Generator

Professional Generator Service Company in Charlotte, NC

ARC Electric Company understands the inconvenience and potential dangers of power outages and faulty generators in Charlotte, NC. Whether it’s due to aging infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, or unexpected electrical issues, losing power disrupts your daily life and can pose serious risks. Our certified and experienced electricians are here to provide dependable generator repair and installation services, ensuring you and your family remain safe and comfortable. Our expertise lets us quickly diagnose and fix any generator issue, reducing downtime and preventing future failures.

At ARC Electric Company, we specialize in designing and installing custom generators that fit your needs and budget. From keeping your essential appliances running during an outage to protecting your home from electrical damage, a personalized generator system ensures comfort and safety. Contact us anytime today to get your home generator serviced!

Never Be Left in the Dark Again with the Best Generators

Don’t let power outages leave you in the dark. With a custom generator installation from ARC Electric Company, you can ensure that your home or business stays powered up even when the grid goes down. Our team of experienced electricians will work with you to design and install a generator system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Benefits of a custom generator installation include:

  • Reliable Backup Generator for Power During Outages
  • Protection for Your Home or Business From Electrical Damage
  • Peace of Mind Knowing that Your Essential Systems Will Continue to Operate
  • Convenience and Comfort Without Interruption
  • Increased Property Value

Whether you need a generator for your home, office, or commercial facility, we have the expertise to handle projects of any size. Our team will handle all aspects of the installation, from selecting the right generator to obtaining the necessary permits and completing the electrical connections. Don’t wait until the next storm hits. Contact ARC Electric Company today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a reliable and efficient custom generator installation.

Elite Home Generator Systems for Uninterrupted Energy

Generator Service and Repair

When your generator shows signs of malfunction, timely repair is crucial to restoring its functionality and ensuring your power supply remains uninterrupted. Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing and fixing various types of generators, such as Generac backup generators. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to accurately identify problems, followed by efficient repair solutions catering to your needs. We aim to extend your generator’s lifespan, reduce the risk of future breakdowns, and maintain optimal performance so you can rely on your backup power without worry.

Generator Installation

Choosing the right generator and installing it correctly are critical steps in securing a reliable power backup for your home or business. Our generator installation service begins with thoroughly assessing your power needs to recommend the most suitable system. From there, we manage every aspect of the installation process, including system design, procurement, and setup, ensuring it complies with all local regulations and standards. Our skilled technicians work meticulously to integrate your new generator seamlessly, providing you with a dependable power solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Generator Maintenance

Our generator maintenance program is structured to preempt failures and optimize performance, offering peace of mind that your backup power will kick in without a hitch when needed. This comprehensive approach covers everything from routine checks and cleaning to replacing worn-out parts and performance testing. We safeguard your generator’s longevity and efficiency by identifying and addressing any issues before they escalate.

Generator FAQs

ARC Electric Company recommends checking your generator twice yearly to ensure it is in top condition and ready to perform when needed.

Regular maintenance involves several vital steps to keep your generator running efficiently. It includes changing the oil and filters, checking the battery, ensuring all components are clean and operational, and testing the system to validate its readiness for unplanned power outages. Skipping these critical maintenance steps can lead to generator failures, decreased lifespan, and increased fuel consumption, ultimately affecting its performance and reliability.

There are several signs that your generator requires immediate repair, including:

Start-up troubles

Components can become damaged when generators are not used for a long time. This type of damage is often manifested when the system has difficulty starting up or fails to operate smoothly.


Hoses, lines, and storage pans are prone to develop damage over time that can lead to leaks. The leak might consist of oil, fuel, or coolant. If you notice a puddle of any type of liquid around your generator, it’s time to call our technicians.

Worn electrical components

Generators comprise several wires, buttons, and other electrical elements. If these parts show signs of damage, it’s time to call for repair. Contact our expert team for a fast and effective solution if you notice frayed wires, loose connectors, or stuck buttons.

While smaller generators can handle smaller electrical loads, larger loads will require more powerful generators. Our experienced electricians can help you determine which loads are most important to you and determine the proper size generator to meet your needs.

Once you’ve selected the perfect system, we’ll make sure that it gets installed properly for optimal performance. Our generators are installed outside your home and come on automatically.

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Don’t let a power outage throw you off course. Call us (704) 286-0447 for prompt and professional emergency generator services.

Don’t let a power outage throw you off course. Call us (704) 286-0447 for prompt and professional emergency generator services.