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Generator Services in Charlotte

Experience the Many Benefits of a Whole Home Generator!

Are you tired of dealing with the effects of power outages? Installing a whole home generator can relieve you of the pain of losing power when you need it most. This type of generator is designed to kick on automatically to provide continuous power to essential appliances.

Even if you’re not home, the backup generator will ensure your refrigerator and freezer stay on so that your food doesn’t spoil. It will also make sure that your sump pumps have the power they need to continue to work, helping you avoid a flooded basement. And, perhaps most importantly, your generator will supply the electricity necessary to operate any necessary health equipment that’s in your home.

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Charlotte Generator Installation

If you experience occasional power outages, you could benefit greatly from a whole home generator. ARC Electric Company is a reliable provider of generator installation services in Charlotte. We are an authorized distributor for Kohler and Generac.

Our electrical technicians have received training and certification to:

  • Install
  • Maintain
  • And service these brands

We also have access to dealer services for any technical questions, support, and parts.

Stay Powered Up with a Custom Generator Installation

Don't let power outages leave you in the dark. With a custom generator installation from Arc Electric Company, you can ensure that your home or business stays powered up even when the grid goes down. Our team of experienced electricians will work with you to design and install a generator system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Benefits of a custom generator installation include:

  • Reliable backup power during outages
  • Protection for your home or business from electrical damage
  • Peace of mind knowing that your essential systems will continue to operate
  • Convenience and comfort without interruption
  • Increased property value

Whether you need a generator for your home, office, or commercial facility, we have the expertise to handle any size project. Our team will handle all aspects of the installation, from selecting the right generator to obtaining the necessary permits and completing the electrical connections.

Don't wait until the next storm hits. Contact Arc Electric Company today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a reliable and efficient custom generator installation.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from those considering installing a generator on their property is “What size generator do I need?” The answer to this question varies depending on all that needs to be powered by your generator.

While smaller electrical loads can be handled by smaller generators, bigger loads will require bigger generators. Our experienced electricians can help you determine which loads are most important to you and determine the proper size generator to meet your needs.

Once you’ve selected the perfect system, we’ll make sure that it gets installed properly for optimal performance. Our generators are installed outside your home and come on automatically. They run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling or worry.

Generator Repair in Charlotte

If you noticed that a yellow light appeared on your generator but are not certain what that means, you’ve come to the right place. Our electricians regularly resolve all types of generator issues.

However, even if your system does not have any warning lights on, it may still require repair. It’s important to resolve any issues right away to ensure your unit is ready to provide backup power in the event of an emergency.

Signs You Need Generator Repair in Charlotte, NC

There are several signs that your generator requires immediate repair, including:

  • Start-up troubles – Like other mechanical systems, when generators are not used for a long time, it can result in damage to its components. This type of damage is often manifested when the system has a hard time starting up, or it fails to operate smoothly.
  • Leaks – Hoses, lines, and storage pans are prone to develop damage over time that can lead to leaks. The leak might consist of oil, fuel, or coolant. If you notice a puddle of any type of liquid around your generator, it’s time to call our technicians.
  • Worn electrical components – Generators are made up of several wires, buttons, and other electrical elements. If these parts show signs of damage, it is a clear indication that it’s time to call for repair. Whether you notice frayed wires, loose connectors, or stuck buttons, get in touch with our expert team for a fast and effective solution.

Professional Generator Maintenance

Do you already have a generator installed on your property? ARC Electric Company performs maintenance on Kohler, Generac, and Briggs & Stratton generators. We work on all sizes, from 8.5 kW and up.

We offer a generator maintenance plan that includes two yearly checks and an oil change. To ensure that your system stays in top condition and is ready to perform the next time the power goes out, contact our team for maintenance today. See what our customers have to say about working with our team by reading our reviews!

How often should I have my generator maintained?

ARC Electric Company recommends having your generator checked and serviced twice a year to ensure it is in top condition and ready to perform when needed.

Call ARC Electric Company at (704) 286-0447 or send us a message online to schedule a free quote for generator installation, repair, or maintenance in Charlotte.

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Our Customer Reviews

    “Responsive & Knowledgeable”
    My company works with multiple trades regularly. Arc has been a pleasure to have on our projects the last few months. They are responsive and knowledgeable. They perform the work in accordance with local requirements and they don't try to take shortcuts/ skip steps.
    - Melinda C.
    “They are reliable, professional and will be there when they say they will.”
    “They are reliable, professional and will be there when they say they will.”
    - John L.
    “They were on time, very professional and did an excellent job!”
    “Arc installed my wired Ring Flood Light Cameras which included running new wiring and mounting boxes as we did not have existing flood lights.”
    - Michael M.
    “Definitely my new electrician.”
    “Fixed my electrical issue and had us up and running in less then an hr. Explaining the process along the way. Awesome experience. Will recommend and use again for all my electrical needs.”
    - Annie M.
    “Very impressed!!!!!”
    “Very professional, knowledgeable guys. I would highly recommend these guys for any electrical project.”
    - Andrew H.
    “Highly recommend!”
    “They did a big commercial project for us and everything was done on time turned out great.”
    - Playland Indoor Playground
    “Have used them twice and on both occasions the service was exceptional.”
    “He is very personal and genuine. We discussed a generator and answered a lot of my questions. Mark came out and surveyed the job to be done and gave me a quote. I accepted the quote and this was a big job with lots of moving parts.”
    - Tim F.
    “Thank You.”
    “ARC came highly recommended, and our experience with ARC was indeed excellent. We appreciated the thorough explanations of all work performed.”
    - Adam K.