Reliable Backup Power | Whole Home Generator

Our homes and offices are busy places. Having reliable backup power installed keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside and comes on automatically. Our generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling or worry.

ARC Electric Company recommends a Generac. These are the best whole home generators on the market today.

Generator FAQ’s

Do I need a whole-house generator?

When the power to your home fails a whole home generator will kick in automatically providing you with continuous power to essential appliances. Many people can live without lights in the bedroom, but have you considered what no electricity in your home means? To begin with, food in the refrigerator will spoil and your telephones will fail. Then your basement could flood, since the sump pumps will not be working. Meanwhile, water may stop flowing if you are on a well pump. And worse still, sewage may back-up into the house if you have a septic pump. Finally, think about medical needs and needing electricity for health equipment.
If you experience occasional power outages, you are a good candidate for a home generator.

How big is a generator?

Generators are actually quite small. Air cooled units (up to 20 kW) take a 3’ x 5’ mounting area and are 2’ wide, 4’ long and about 2.5’ tall. Liquid cooled units are a about a foot longer in each direction.

What size do I need?

This is not a simple question, it depends on what all you want your generator to power. Smaller electrical loads need smaller generators while bigger loads require bigger generators. ARC Electric Company can help you determine which loads are important to you. Then they can engineer the proper size generator to meet your needs. Therefore, they offer FREE Generator quotes – call to schedule your appointment today! (704) 821-7005.

How loud is a whole home generator?

It depends on the unit, but in general they are no louder than an air-conditioner compressor.

Generator Repair

Not sure what that yellow light means? Is your generator not exercising as it should? If any of this is happening, send ARC Electric Company an email and get on the schedule. They will set up an appointment for a technician to come out and help.

What is next?

Call for a FREE estimate on installing a new generator at your home or business. They will meet with you, learn your needs, and write up a quote that suits you best. So, email to schedule your appointment today!

How does a Generator work?

The whole home generator is two basic parts – the transfer switch and the generator. The transfer switch monitors the electricity coming in from the utility. When it detects the power has stopped, it sends a signal to the generator, which starts running. The house then receives the electricity from the generator. Once the utility company restores power, the transfer switch shuts generator off. Therefore, all of this is done without involvement of the homeowner. This gives you day and night peace of mind and protection, even if you are away at the vacation or on a business trip. This is 24/7 protection for your home and family.

Do I need to add fuel to the generator?

No! Adding gasoline to a running generator is both a hassle and dangerous. Whole home generators run on the home’s heat source; natural gas or propane.

Generator Maintenance

Already have a generator installed? ARC Electric Company performs maintenance on KOHLER, Generac, and Briggs & Straton generators. They work on all sizes from 8.5 kW and up. The generator maintenance plan includes two yearly checks and an oil change.

Are there different brands of generators?

Yes. As with cars, different manufacturer’s products offer different features and benefits. ARC Electric Company is an authorized distributor for KOHLER and GENERAC. Thus, the technicians have received training and certification by KOHLER and GENERAC on both brands. They can install, maintain, and service this equipment. They have access to dealer support for any technical questions, support, and parts.