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Brighten Your Nights In Your Backyard

Exterior Lighting Solutions Since 1976

Professional Patio & Swimming Pool Electrician in Charlotte, NC

From inadequate pool electrical panels that fail to support modern lighting solutions to outdated flood lights, these issues can significantly hinder your enjoyment and the functionality of your exterior spaces.

ARC Electric Company’s certified swimming pool electricians specialize in pool electrical repair in Charlotte, NC, ensuring your outdoor areas are inviting and safely lit. Our team understands the intricacies of swimming pool electrical requirements and outdoor lighting installation in Charlotte, NC. With a focus on durable outdoor lighting fixtures and advanced solutions—like LED light installation and outdoor motion light sensors—we’re here to address and remedy all your outdoor lighting challenges.

The Glow of a Well-Lit Outdoor Space

Imagine entering your backyard to a beautifully lit pool and patio area. This dream can become a reality with custom pool and patio lighting installations. The benefits of a well-thought-out lighting plan include enhanced aesthetic appeal, increased property value, and improved safety and security around your swimming pool and entertainment areas.

Whether you require a sophisticated pool electrical panel setup or innovative LED light installation to accentuate your garden features, ARC Electric Company is here to illuminate your nights with expertise and style.

Our Pool & Patio Electrical Services

  • Wiring for pools
  • Pool lighting
  • Timer switches
  • Hot tub wiring
  • Pool pumping wiring
  • Pool pump replacement
  • Pool heater wiring
  • Pool electrical panel upgrades
  • Pool light wiring
  • Outdoor wall lights
  • Motion sensors
  • LED floodlights

Professional Home Electrical Upgrades

Pool and Patio Electrical FAQs

A range of tailored electrical work is necessary for a safe and convenient pool operation. This often includes installing and wiring a pool electrical panel to power the pump, heater, and lighting systems, ensuring all components follow local code requirements for electricity near water. Grounding and bonding the pool’s electric system are critical to prevent electrical shock hazards.

Common electrical problems with pools range from tripping breakers and malfunctioning pool lights to pump issues and electric shock near the pool area. These problems can stem from various issues, such as faulty wiring, improper grounding and bonding, water leaks into electrical components, or an aging electrical setup.

A pool electrician’s expertise is valuable and necessary for your inground pool build to ensure safety, compliance with electrical codes, and the efficient operation of your pool’s electrical components. Pool electricians are experienced in dealing with specific challenges posed by combining water and electricity, such as correctly grounding and correctly bonding the electrical system to prevent electrocution risks.

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Call us at (704) 286-0447 to discover how our certified electricians can transform your patio and pool into a radiant retreat.

Call us at (704) 286-0447 to discover how our certified electricians can transform your patio and pool into a radiant retreat.