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Premier Electrician Services in North & South Carolina
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24/7 Electrical Repairs

Emergency Electrician Services Across North and South Carolina

Electrical issues can come unannounced, causing massive disruption and potential safety hazards. A sudden power outage at night, a tripping circuit breaker, or a non-functional light fixture can significantly upset your peace of mind. At ARC Electric Company, we understand how essential the seamless operation of your electrical systems is, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services.

ARC Electric Company’s team of certified electricians is equipped to handle many electrical problems. Whether fixing faulty wiring, repairing electrical outlets, or restoring power during an outage, our emergency electricians are always ready to help.

Comprehensive Electrical Services to Modernize Your Space

In a world where technology and requirements evolve rapidly, having a reliable electrical system is more important than ever. Whether updating your home to be more energy-efficient, installing state-of-the-art appliances, or revamping your business premises for better functionality, ARC Electric Company provides comprehensive electrical services to meet your modern needs.

Our skilled electricians are adept at integrating the latest technology with existing systems, ensuring your space is equipped for the future. From smart home installations to complete electrical overhauls for commercial spaces, we focus on delivering solutions that meet current safety standards and enhance efficiency and performance. Trust us to transform your space into a safer, more functional, and innovative environment.

Electrician Services Across North and South Carolina

At ARC Electric Company, we specialize in upgrading and updating electrical systems to meet modern electrical needs. Whether you own a seasoned property needing a panel upgrade or a business seeking more energy-efficient lighting solutions, our licensed electricians are ready to deliver.


In the bustling heart of Charlotte, electrical needs range from commercial high-rises to residential homes, each with unique challenges. ARC Electric Company rises to the occasion, providing premier emergency electrical services to keep this dynamic city powered and safe.

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Myers Park

Nestled within the beauty of Myers Park, where historic charm meets modern living, ARC Electric Company offers electrical solutions tailored to maintain the area’s unique appeal. From elegant lighting installations to electrical panel upgrades, our services guarantee that timeless homes and establishments continue to shine and function flawlessly, preserving the neighborhood’s renowned aesthetic.

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In Monroe, ARC Electric Company provides electrical services catering to residential and commercial needs. Understanding the importance of reliability and quick response, our local electricians offer prompt, efficient service, ensuring that Monroe’s homes, businesses, and historic sites remain well-lit and safe.

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Indian Trail

ARC Electric Company serves the vibrant community of Indian Trail with comprehensive electrical services designed to meet the growing needs of its residents and businesses. Whether upgrading older homes to handle modern appliances or installing state-of-the-art lighting in new developments, our electricians use their deep local knowledge to provide solutions that enhance comfort and convenience.

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We provide residents and business owners in Matthews with personalized electrical solutions that celebrate the local flair while ensuring the latest technologies are seamlessly integrated into their spaces. Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in every project, whether enhancing the ambiance of quaint retail spaces or fortifying the electrical infrastructure of historic homes.

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ARC Electric Company extends its premium electrical services to Weddington’s serene and upscale area. Catering to sophisticated homes and developments, we provide high-end electrical solutions that align with the residents’ expectations for safety, functionality, and aesthetics, transforming living spaces into well-illuminated havens of comfort.

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Fort Mill

In the rapidly growing city of Fort Mill, known for its strong schools and close-knit community, ARC Electric Company is on hand to support its expansion with reliable electrical services. Our electricians are experts at navigating the specific requirements of new constructions and renovations alike, ensuring every project from residential to commercial is powered for success.

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Indian Land

Indian Land, with its fast development and increasing demand for modern amenities, finds a trusted partner in ARC Electric Company for all its electrical needs. From efficient service in newly constructed homes and businesses to upgrades in existing structures, our team ensures that Indian Land’s progress is well-supported by expert electrical solutions.

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Mooresville relies on ARC Electric Company for high-performance electrical services that match its fast-paced growth. Our skilled electricians are equipped to handle the unique needs of residential communities and bustling commercial venues, ensuring Mooresville’s reputation for speed and innovation is reflected in our work.

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Get Immediate Help for Urgent Electrical Needs

Elevate your home or business with ARC Electric Company’s professional electrical services. Whether enhancing your security with the latest smart home security systems or upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, our electricians are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs and discover how we can make your vision a reality.