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24/7 Electrical Repairs

Emergency Electrician Services in York County, SC

While living in our modern society, we rely heavily on functioning electrical systems. However, electrical problems can arise unexpectedly at the most inconvenient times. This could range from small issues like a tripped breaker to serious problems such as a total power outage. Not addressing these situations promptly can lead to increased damage, costly repairs, and potential safety hazards.

That’s where ARC Electric Company comes in. Our team of licensed emergency electricians standby 24/7 to solve your electrical issues in York County quickly and effectively. Whether day or night, weekday or weekend, or even a holiday, our dedication to ensuring your home or business is electrically safe remains unwavering.

Upgrade Your Property’s Electric Systems

An outdated electrical system isn’t only inefficient but can be downright dangerous. It creates risks for power surges, fires, and other hazards. If you’re living in an older home or running a business from a vintage building, the chances are that your electrical system might need an overhaul.

At ARC Electric Company, we provide comprehensive electrical services to fix your immediate electrical issues and update and renovate your existing system. Whether you need a comprehensive rewiring, an electrical panel upgrade, or even the installation of new, energy-efficient fixtures, our professional electricians ensure the job is done right the first time, regulations and prioritizing your safety.

Professional Home Electrical Upgrades

Electrical Service FAQs

A non-functional light switch can be due to several issues ranging from a simple problem like a loose connection to something more complex such as a fault in your home’s electrical wiring system. Before you poke around, it’s important to call the professionals to diagnose and fix the issue safely. Waiting or attempting a DIY solution could potentially exacerbate the issue, risking damage and safety. Contact us to get your light switches operating smoothly again.

Your electrical panel or breaker box is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Over time, or as you add more appliances, you might notice flickering lights, breakers that frequently trip, or even overheating. These are signs that your existing panel might not be able to handle your home’s electrical load anymore.

The primary difference between two-pronged and three-pronged outlets is grounding. A two-pronged outlet lacks a ground wire, which reduces its ability to protect against overloads or fault occurrences, putting your appliances and safety at risk. In contrast, three-pronged outlets include a ground wire, significantly enhancing the protection against electrical shocks and fire hazards. Upgrading your outlets to three-pronged versions is an essential safety enhancement for any property.

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Our 24-hour electrician services are just a call away (704) 286-0447. Don’t let electrical problems disrupt your day—contact ARC Electric Company now.

Our 24-hour electrician services are just a call away (704) 286-0447. Don’t let electrical problems disrupt your day—contact ARC Electric Company now.