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October – Time To Light The Way!

Every year, the time changes, the number of daylight changes, the temperatures start to cool, normal season changes. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have light and still enjoy our outside spaces!

The key is to have enough appropriate lighting. Below are just a few ideas we’ve come across.

Exterior Lighting Ideas:

  • Cafe String Lights. If you have low-hanging structures or tree limbs this is an easy quick way to add ambiance. Be careful of frayed cords and watch out for that extension cord lying on the ground.
  • Tilted spotlighting. Adjustable lighting can be turned to project direct light onto the ceiling or wall while still providing reflected light out into space.
  • Task lighting. Remember your outdoor workspaces: kitchens, bars, grill areas, etc. Recessed lighting can be directed onto the work surface while allowing soft light to expand outward.
  • Ceiling fans can also add task lighting directly over tables or counters.
  • Light from inside flowing out. If your outdoor spaces are accessed through glass doors or you have multiple windows on that wall, use the interior lighting to illuminate the outdoor space.
  • Specific accent lights. Add lighting to steps, walkways, and dark areas to allow ease of movement and safety.
  • Path lighting. There are several different ways to add path lighting, both temporary and permanent.
  • Scatter the lights to enhance the landscaping around it.
  • Add a lamp post. A decorative lamp post added to the landscaping can add really great lighting.
  • Add some fun with color-changing lights. Adding color to landscapes or water features can be beautiful as the colors play with the surrounding environment.
  • Adjust your timers to the changing time. Coming home to a dark home isn’t inviting or safe. Set
  • your timers so your entry and walkways are lit and inviting.
  • Switch out or install LED lighting. LEDs typically have lower energy costs and require less maintenance as cold weather arrives.

Interior Lighting Ideas:

  • Layer your lighting. Have a mixture of lighting options. While strong bright light is meant for workspaces. Softer lighting can be used for ambiance and safe navigation through a room or down a hallway. Things such as pendants, flush mounts, recessed fixtures, sconces, under-cabinet, cove lights, as well as tabletop and floor lamps.
  • Variations on lamp shades. Take a look at your lampshades. Have they darkened? Are they dirty? Do you need a lampshade at all? Look at your room, how the lamp throws light and how the lampshade aides or inhibits that light.
  • Check your bulbs. There are so many varieties of light bulbs available for specific uses and fixtures.
  • Do you have the correct bulbs? Or did you just get one out of your utility closet the last time you needed one? Safety note: make sure the bulb matches the specifications of the fixture.