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September is Time to Appreciate!

September holds a few national appreciation days for family members -grandparents, wives, family units, etc. We thought we’d list
just a few ways to show that appreciation. Get creative with your ideas – have fun with it!

Ways to Show Appreciation:

  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them!
  • Write notes – leave them around the house to be found.
  • Encourage each other, especially when you see them struggle.
  • Quiet, boring day – grab the kids and go for ice cream!
  • Compliment the cook!
  • Help with a chore you usually don’t help with.
  • Give a HUG!
  • Older kids: do something with your little brothers/sisters, something they enjoy.
  • Declare tonight game night. No phones, TV or computers. Play together!
  • Surprise a family member – small gift, do their chore, time with them, etc.
  • Pay attention. Listen.
  • Text something positive.
  • Volunteer somewhere – as a family.
  • Home Spa Day for Mom – do all her work for her one day.

Ways to Appreciate Anyone:

  • Help someone load their groceries into the car.
  • Bake cookies for the neighborhood.
  • Go help a Senior neighbor with yard work.
  • Pay for the car behind you at a drive-thru.
  • Write a thank-you note to a teacher.
  • Help a neighbor with a big yard project.
  • Text/call and check on someone you haven’t heard from in a while.
  • Take a group of friends to visit an assisted living home.
  • Handwritten thank you or encouragement notes – mailed!
  • Pick up trash you didn’t drop.
  • Grab a friend and just go do something fun for no reason!
  • SMILE!